Pi Kappa Phi was founded on December 10, 1904 at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Today there are over 150 chapters nationwide with over 100,000 brothers initiated. The Beta Tau chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was chartered on January 17, 1959 making it the first fraternity on campus at Valdosta State University. Since our founding in 1959, Beta Tau has initiated just over 900 brothers. Beta Tau prides itself on its rich 50+ year history providing a large network of brothers. We are a first CLASS fraternity who firmly believes in the tenets of Character, Leadership, Academics, Sportsmanship, and Scholarship. These principles are not only valued but also instilled through leading edge educational, service, and leadership opportunities.


Pi Kappa Phi is the only national fraternity to establish and maintain its own national philanthropy, Push America. We also are the only student organization at Valdosta State that co-sponsors with the YMCA and United Way for the Challenger League. Pi Kappa Phi has been Greek Week Champions two of the past three years with a runner-up finish. We compete in every major intramural sport, while maintaining the second highest GPA as well. The Beta Tau chapter of Pi Kappa Phi provides the college experience like no other and lifelong brotherhood second to none.


Josh Bohanan

Beta Tau 896



Chance Cuellar

Beta Tau 883



Christopher Kennedy

Beta Tau 879






BT 873- Alex Cobb
BT 877- Nicholas Bova (Chaplin)
BT 879- Chris Kennedy (Historian)
BT 880- Rob Cooper
BT 883- Chance Cuellar (Secretary)
BT 884- Cal Blair
BT 885- Matthew Sullivan
BT 886- Dan Coccia
BT 887- Steven Quinn
BT 890- Kellen Van Amersfort (Sargent at Arms)
BT 893- Jake Carlan
BT 894- Zach Johnson
BT 895- Crew Anderson
BT 896- Josh Bohanan (Archon)
BT 897- John Domer
BT 898- Spencer Harvey (Warden)

BT 899- David Coury

BT 900- Anthony Defelice (PUSH Chair)
BT 902- Caleb Whitworth
BT 903- Andrew Golden (Vice Archon)
BT 904- Jonathan Bermudez
BT 905- Bo Deese
BT 906- Alex Ishmael (Treasurer)
BT 907- Micah Leon
BT 908- Chris Dugas
BT 909- Colby Hall
BT 910- Jake Phillips
BT 912- Tyler Goodman
BT 913- Jake Post
BT 914- Ian Rowand
BT 915- Jason Demos
BT 916- Zac Broussard 
BT 917- Brandon Kelley

 Vice Archon

Andrew Golden

Beta Tau 903



Spencer Harvey

Beta Tau 898



Nicholas Bova

Beta Tau 877



Kings Of Leon - Be Somebody.mp3


Alex Ishmael

Beta Tau 906


Sargent at Arms

Kellen Van Amersfort

Beta Tau 890


PUSH Chair

Anthony Defelice

Beta Tau 900


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